Creation of the worldview

A Master who created new character IP
by building one's worldview

Open Conversation

10:05~11:15 Section Ⅰ Admiral Lee, Who are you?
- The trilogy of Admiral Lee's universe

Hanmin Kim
11:20~12:30 Section Ⅱ Why am I writing?
- Writer Jung, Decision to write

Seokyung Jung

Speaker & Mentor

  • Hanmin Kim

    Movie Director · Paradise Murdered, 2007
    · Handphone, 2009
    · War of the Arrows, 2011
    · The Admiral: Roaring Currents. 2014
    · Hansan: Rising Dragon. 2022

  • Seokyung Chung

    Movie & Series writer
    · Lady Vengeance, 2005
    · I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK, 2006
    · Thist, 2009
    · The Handmaiden, 2016
    · Believer, 2018
    · Decision To Leave, 2022
    〈TV series〉
    · Mother, 2018
    · Little Women, 2022


  • Sungchul Joo

    Movie Critic, Chief editor of 〈Cine 21〉

IP Masterclass

10:05~10:55 Presentation Creating long lasting IP’s and the importance of company culture.

Supercell’s mobile game Clash of Clans turned 10 years old in July 2022. The Clash IP has already generated more than $10B in lifetime revenues and the IP just keeps on evolving. How is Supercell’s unique company culture boosting its IP creation process?

Pietari Paivanen

IP Workshop

11:00~12:00 Workshop IP Workshop(Intensive mentoring)
Pietari Paivanen
Room 303, KOCCA Education services center View map
Target Enterprises and Individuals who want to collaborate with Supercell or learn content IP strategies of Supercell
Format Small Group Mentoring
Process 1.Apply through the link (Submit your application in English)
2.Select 15 teams or people among applicants
3.Share speaker’s experience and insight thorugh Q&A type intensive mentoring

Speaker & Mentor

  • Pietari Paivanen

    Lead at Supercell
    · Clash of Clans, 2012
    · Boom Beach, 2014
    · Clash Royale, 2016
    · Brawl Stars, 2018

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