Spread of the universe

Enterprises that have innovated
the way of content distribution with the DTC platform
that connects creators and consumers directly

October 28th

Platform Masterclass

13:05~14:00 Section Ⅰ TikTok, The most innovative contents branding platform
Eva Pi
14:05~15:00 Section Ⅱ Evolving into a content creator-friendly mobile content platform
Heonkyu Jin
15:05~16:00 Section Ⅲ About the popularity and diversity of Web novels and webtoons.
Daejin Jeon


  • Eva Pi

    Head of TikTok Korea
    · Global Business marketing

  • Heonkyu Jin

    CSO of Onestore
    · Head of Strategy Cooperation

  • Daejin Jeon

    Director of Kakao entertainment
    · General Manager of Novel Biz Group
    · Previous head of Nove production


  • Taekkwang Lee

    Prof. Kyung Hee Univ.

Platform Workshop

16:05~17:00 Workshop Ⅰ TikTok Workshop
Sooyeon Heo
TikTok Korea Creative strategist
16:05~17:00 Workshop Ⅱ Kakao Entertainment Workshop
Sunghyun Kim
Kakao entertainment Head of Novel Production
Project room(3rd floor), KOCCA Education service center View map
Target Workshop Ⅰ(TiKTok ) : Companies and individual marketers who want to use TikTok for content promotion and branding
Workshop Ⅱ(Kakao Entertainment) Web novel writers and prospective writers
Format Mentoring for the previously submitted documents
Process 1.Apply through the link
2.Select 10 teams or people among applicants for each company.
3. Seperate participants by the company
4. Man-to-man Feedback for each proposal.

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